Wednesday, March 1

Crappy days and sleepless nights...

Usually in English movies and of course nowadays Hindi movies, you see people always drinking a series shots of tequila after having a very crappy day. They drown their grief in tones of brain and liver damaging alcohol, creating a more “happier” environment and ends up throwing their guts out, which in the morning leads to a major headache. But while drinking this “toxin” they for a moment always seem to forget about their problems, about their life.

In my case, while being a teenager and having those rough days, a “drink” would always sound so tempting and rebellious, just like in the movies, I’d use call my friends up, luring them to join me. There we were, all access to everything, but in the last moment I’d always chicken out, actually I’d remember the promises I’d made myself… which I haven’t broken in any of the cases yet. So after 2 or 3 attempts, which I “fail” (actually wouldn’t like to put it that way) my friends and I seem to not even bother to talk about it.

So what do I do after a crappy day, while knowing a sleepless night to be awaited? Well I get myself a big glass of milk, a mouth full of any chocolate available and drown myself in “Grey’s Anatomy”, till my legs get numb and a much needed refill of the drink. Then I go back to my seat, down in the basement and manage to watch more episodes of the HOT series, which actually encouraged me to go for medical, knowing there will be men like Dr. Burk to lust for.

After 6 hours and 11 episodes, eyes stings and lack of brain power, I go up to my room finish the night by writing a post and then fall asleep and wish not to wake up the very next day and realise what a crappy day one had the day before.


aragorn said...

u must be goin through a tough time... hope u will get rid of it soon...

amena said... always seems to take the trouble away for a second. but the next minute they lost it all. it does seem tempting often..but just not tempting enough i guess..