Tuesday, March 7

Mission: Coffee Addict

For a time I have had this idea in my mind; to get myself an addiction. As far as I can remember I have never had a proper addiction. Yes, I have myself craving for ice cream now and then, does it make an addiction?
Anyway I want a proper one, like every other normal being in this world I'll get myself addicted to caffeine! I want to see the effects caffeine causes to my mind and body.
Why caffeine? Well first of all I think this is the most normal and safest addiction there are. Then for 2 years I avoided any caffeine products (except chocolates) just of the philosophy of not needing or being addicted to anything that my body isn't need of. Now it feels more like a challenge for me to drink as much as coffee as I want and more.
I already started of today with small doses as my body or my taste buds aren't used to the coffee. Which will hopefully lead to a insanity of caffeine inhalation during a period of time which I haven't decide yet. A month seems too short for an experiment like this. Anyway the purpose is to get myself addicted and just totally stop. The worse case in this scenario is that I don't get myself addicted or I do get myself addicted and can't stop.

Today's Dose
Caffeine Amount: About 5 dl Latte
Negative: Burnt my tongue and a small wanting of brushing teeth
Positive: A clearer mind?

Below is a text that I posted a year ago in my former Xanga, which makes me laugh. As it was all unnecessary, because I took a gap year! Anyway I need to admit that I missed on the Coke Cola. Read it and see if I've changed as a person and writer.

Black Coffee

So sitting here and drinking my first cup of coffee in 2 years. Two years ago this little girl had... no not promised but decided not to drink, eat and inhale any caffeine except the amount caffeine you get in chocolate. Two things a girl can not ever give up; diamonds and chocolate. Guys, don't ask me why. It's just how things are, it's just the same thing to ask, why 1+1 is 2. Just learn to live with it. Anyway as I was saying, I stopped drinking coffee, tea, coke etc. So my drinking habits went all healthy; water, milk, green tea, sparkling water, juice and so on. Things I never thought existed (sorry, just having a fun of overdoing things as usual). So today I drink coffee, why? I feel so sleepy, but I have to be awake. The thing is the deadline for university application in Sweden is tomorrow or in 23 hours. And smarty pants look through everything, but couldn't decide on what to choose. So she waited and now when she wants to apply it's all stuck. The site is overloaded. Now I'm in major panic, I can do one thing, sit all night and wait till it works or I go to school and figure out something. Anyway I'm going to do both, stay up and then go to school. And the coffee tastes yuk. It's really strong and full of sugar, bitter sweet.


aragorn said...

i see u r obsessed with the thought of coffee...:D... y not start smokin!!!... just kiddin... though i dont knw y u need to be addicted to somethin... :-?

dipu_1&only said...

CAFFEINE !! :O - It increases the heart rate, blood pressure, and urination and stimulates secretion of stomach acids; excessive intake can result in restlessness, insomnia, and heart irregularities. Physical dependence and unpleasant symptoms upon withdrawal (headache, fatigue, depression) are common in regular caffeine users.

oops ! :P dont get fright !! the effects vary from person to person.

this is dipu- reffered to ur blog from aragorndhk (tareq).. and ofcourse its an advertisement comment of my own blog http://dipuisnobody.blogspot.com :D

and the good thing is i am addicted in CAFFEINECOTINE ( caffeine + nicotine ).. :D

dont hesitate to be addicted .. the synonym of addiction could be "habit-forming" so I see nothing bad to in addiction..( ha ha ha ) Go For IT!

dipu_1&only said...

i just needed to write another comment to let know that after just finishing writing the comment on this blog i got a mail from

"free_coffee_maker@rr03.mail" (:O) .. basically is there any logic behind it?

Protik said...

"Smoking is an adult choice of a consumer"

I am an coffeee addict as well. My favorite is a double espresso. Just dropped in by following two of my friends, Tareq and Dipu. I don't smoke but I sell cigarettes.

Ben said...

Know the feeling! Check out: http://bsidders.tripod.com/coffee.html

Te said...

Well, I ran across your blog and thought I would add a comment. If you are just trying new coffees, there is a great micro-roaster that I recommend...


They sell organic and fair trade coffees, plus loose leaf teas. Their coffee is roasted to order.... place an order, it is roasted then shipped that day to you. Great, fresh coffee. Oh, how I lov it and am craving it now. I am off to my coffee.