Wednesday, February 22

Foreign ground or foreign feet?

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Hope the concept of the photograph is as obvious to you as it is to me, though for some of you it’s not (won’t mention the names, but feel guilty). Anyway this is out of the concept though somehow related to the picture, it’s a text out of the book I just started to read and I found it amusing.

Once when a new son-in-law of the family wrote him a letter beginning with the usual salutations Sricharaneshu (“To the Gracious Feet”), he replied to him as follows:

“My dear Naren, I do not know what it means to call the feet gracious. Neither do you. So, that is nonsense! Further, you have petitioned my feet, leaving me out altogether. You ought to know that my feet are a part of me and should not be looked up on you as a separate entity so long as they keep stuck to my person. Then again, this particular limb is neither my hands nor ears, and therefore to offer anything to it is quite fatuous. Finally, it is possible an expression of devotion on your part to use the respectful plural, for some quadrupeds are indeed objects of your worship, nevertheless I consider it my duty to dispel your ignorance of my proper zoological identity.”

Chaturanga, Rabindranath Tagore

Behold for my new fetish…

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Monday, February 20

Dedicate to myself...

Everyone is on the go, of becoming something big. Earning tones of money, doing something good, have a good name.

I hate what our society has become, ego centred and materialistic. They don't satisfy with good anymore, everything has to be GREAT! Which makes it even more difficult for those who are OK... I don't know, I have a constant feeling of people underestimating me, just because I am not doing as I suppose to do; having the top grades, doing career, aiming for the top and more.
What is wrong of wanting less? And why is one always compared to others? Just because you are taking a different path doesn't mean that you are less smart, less talented? Does it?
Another thing I noticed, it's all about the external looks: humans, products... Actually everything . If the package looks good, then for sure it is the best thing out at the market, even if the substance stinks. Which reminds me of how much I hate the aunites who tend to categorise you from just a glance. They don't even take the time to talk to one.

I just wonder, would God judge you after your grades, your occupation or your wealth??

Friday, February 17

Under construction

Ok, so I've changed the pink. Though it was very tempting to have the pink for few more days, just for the fun of annoying a certain person. But then I couldn't bare the colour myself, not that pink isn't a nice colour... I just guess pink isn't me!

Well I like the base of my layout, though I find it too flat, so I guess during the weekend there will be some more changes... as in background and colour.

Thursday, February 16

Complains from blogger!

Wooh, I am finding my blog a drag. There should be some major changes as in the layout and in the writing.

I mean I started this blog with the thought of giving up after 2 months, which I did. But still I had some good topics and ideas in my mind to write about, but somehow I guess I lost myself in the dark days of autumn, I seriously should not blame the weather for my laziness, or should I? And I guess after my "adventurous" trip from Bangladesh I should be in a fresh state of mind, but after all the thoughts and the flashbacks... I find my genius brain typing: bla, bla and more bla...!

I can't even find myself sharing my joyous memories. Either my brain some how got smashed like banana purée (you know baby food) of all the rays I'd been exposing myself to? It must be my mobile phone! Seriously I've gotten myself stuck in a bad circle... Obviously I am not dwelling only over this blog, but about my creativeness...

Somehow I see myself as Adrian Mole, who couldn't find anything good to discuss about than the Norwegian Leather Industry even in his late 30s!!!

[Edit @ 17:36/]

So I've changed the layout to pink... I know I couldn't find anything better for now. So bare with me!!! And please don't go: "What's up with you girls and pink?"...
For those who do rise this question, I'd like to inform you that I do know some male that are fond of this particular colour and are completely hetro. So please respect my pink!

Ps. Green is my favourite colour!

[/End Edit]