Sunday, February 22

When life takes a U-turn...

-"Future is fear when it's unknown. But joy when it's clear."

All of a sudden life has taken an unexpected U-turn.

Let me explain things in more details without going into the actual details. You always somehow have a hunch of what's coming next, it's as normal as the feeling of hunger. But this time in my life, I was all taken in aback.

I am for the first time in life wanting/sensing for things that I've always known is not appropriate for me. But now the inappropriate things that have turned up in my life seems more appropriate than the things that were appropriate to start with. (I know, I've lost you guys.. )

Even though I sit with fear of not knowing where life will take me, I still can't let it go... As I know in my heart that IF THIS works out, it'll be THE BEST thing ever happened to me!

Though I am scared like anything... Does it make any sense?