Friday, June 9


I just don't get it! Why do we categorise things, each other, races? Put everyone in categories.
OH, guys are "dogs" and girls are "bitches", when there are guys that are bitches and girls that are dogs.

We can't just categorise eceryone just because a small group of people behaves in a certain way. When you actually take a good look, it's very a small group, but those are the ones who tend to stand out of the crowd. So we assume everyone’s like them. But it's nothing like that.

We, ourselves put barriers/walls amongst us, with the crap about "Women from Venus, Men from Mars". It's just CRAP! And apparently we are making this as the "IDEAL" (stupid) thinking, a way for us to communicate with each other and we are putting ourselves in these roles. But my friends these are the things that prevents us from equal rights in our society.

Then in a way I do believe men and women are different, but as in physical shapes/clothing/gestures but not in mind and soul!! We are making unnecessary knots when the line couldn't be any straighter.

Over all we shouldn't judge or assume! That is for God/Allah/Higher power. We are only human being, we should treat ONE person by the facts that we know about that person and no more then that.

Thursday, June 1


"When everything stops, just for a minute, when you hold your breath for the moment. With blankness in your mind floating, no movement at all surrounding and silent lies over. Are you then dead at that very moment?"