Monday, January 2

The embarkment

From today I will stop mentioning how I've completely failed to maintain this blog, how I think every once in awhile to write some episode of my life or a piece of a thought, those of whom that have followed this blog know this story too well, and I keep on shaming myself every time I revisit. Conclusion; I settle with knowing that I write once in a blue moon, whenever it occurs.

We've embarked a new year, a clean slate, to fill it with good and bad stories. But stories never the less, most of them common to everyone, but unique to the individual being. However I live this year, someone else has already taken the same foot steps before me, I will just be walking on the same trail but in different shoes.

But this year, I am excited of walking the designated trail. After walking bare feet on many narrow slippery roads, or on hot asphalts, or through sharp thorn bushes or on broken glass, where there hasn't been any option of turning back but then to continue further, even though I've been immensely fatigue, angry and apathetic... I have reached here; on soft silk with tough soles.

I wish to climb a high mountain this year, where I will be dripping sweat, where my thighs will sore. A mountain that will feel never ending, but for every step I climb, I'll feel nothing but the thrill. The thrill of reaching the top, thrill of floating on white clouds in the blue sky, to be able to look down at the beautiful sight of the world... And as my reward, I will leap, I'll leap down, very fast. I will leap so fast that it will be only me and the wind. And when I reach down, I will be wiser and content.*

*For all the mountains I've climbed in South Korea and for all those morning runs up to Namsan.