Tuesday, May 30

Men's Room

I found this hilirious test for guys in nRaged, how guys should behave during a visit to the men's room. Anyway try it out

Men's Room


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Friday, May 26

Seeing Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code..

Just came back from the movies, saw Da Vinci Code. Well while reading the book, I was in such a thrill. Couldn't get my eyes from the book, so you can imagine how anxious I was for the movie to come out. Anyway now after seeing the movie, I wish I didn't see it all. Or atleast I'd seen the movie before I read the book.

Yes, like always books are better than movies and so was this one. I couldn't enjoy the movie as much as I did the book, though it was well made and the actors did a good job. But like always you expect somekind of satisfying feeling in the end, which I didn't disappointedly get. The pace in the movie was not as upbeat as the book. I guess while reading the book we place ourselves in a world that is more surreal and magical than the movie did.

Anyway a tip from me is to watch the movie before you read the book. You'll appreciate the movie more and obviously the book will be a thrill ride.

Wednesday, May 24

Comeback? Not yet...

I know, I know...

Well I just don't know! So don't ask me any further why and how? I am already at the verge of going insane, things looked so good, until an unexpected (ok, ok, expected) thunder just struck one sunny day infront of my very two eyes, I just wish it could've killed me right then instead of giving me the horrifying images that are most likely to come in my way, a very slow and venomous death. I know you told me so! Well lucky for you my mum doesn't know yet, but as soon as she knows she'll be gloating even more!!!

In short terms, just have this stressful moment in my life.... Where I realise again and again what a bum I really am. And to rub it in even more, I got to know that the dropout candidate/no hot shot future (God I sound so cruel) school friend, has got a five months old daughter! So? ATLEAST SHE HAS A BABY!! And me??! I'm still no good of a bum with unnecessary knowledge in my head and stuck at nowhere!!! (So going for Adrian Moles life..) I blame it all on you, telling me that I have brain.... *pss*

Top list:

1. Dad- For you saying that I have sharp brain since kid.
2. Faisal, my math teacher - I could be everything I want? BLAAH! (may you rest in peace)
3. Amit - Next time you tell me how creative I am. I'm going to go all the way to BD and, and... Well be afraid!

So far that's everyone I can think of... I should have listened to my mum, of what kind of a loser I was/am... Maybe I'd be somewhere in life.

Anyway adios for now.. Maya is taking a bit of rest, but she'll be back and so will I.