Friday, June 1

The Story of L key

Once upon a time in the Kingdom far North there was a very lazy princess named S. One day of getting bored of doing nothing she decided it was high time for her to clean her castle. She dusted and dusted with her small little green rag and then she swiped and swiped with her Miele vacuum cleaner. Her tender soft hands were getting dirty, but she didn't mind as long as she knew she was doing a good job and there is always something called a manicure.

She cleaned every corner in her Kingdom, but noticed that her little grey Dell box was full of dust, specially underneath the key...
So she started to loosen one key after another to reach the dust, but then she noticed that something dreadful has happened!!! She had broken her L key!!! Oh, what now?! She tried and tried and tried a little more to put it back. She even looked up if there was a new one to buy. No Luck the L key was broken for good...
What to do now? She cried and cried with misery, how could she been so dumb! One whole day of ranting and worrying, she got it!

She took the magic glue and put a bit on the key well as the keyboard and said the magic words: "ABRA-CA-DABRA!" Now everything was back to normal, and the princess were happily ever after until.... Opss!!