Monday, February 20

Dedicate to myself...

Everyone is on the go, of becoming something big. Earning tones of money, doing something good, have a good name.

I hate what our society has become, ego centred and materialistic. They don't satisfy with good anymore, everything has to be GREAT! Which makes it even more difficult for those who are OK... I don't know, I have a constant feeling of people underestimating me, just because I am not doing as I suppose to do; having the top grades, doing career, aiming for the top and more.
What is wrong of wanting less? And why is one always compared to others? Just because you are taking a different path doesn't mean that you are less smart, less talented? Does it?
Another thing I noticed, it's all about the external looks: humans, products... Actually everything . If the package looks good, then for sure it is the best thing out at the market, even if the substance stinks. Which reminds me of how much I hate the aunites who tend to categorise you from just a glance. They don't even take the time to talk to one.

I just wonder, would God judge you after your grades, your occupation or your wealth??


aragorn said...

i agree with u lady... :)... but life is not what we expect it to be!!!...

aragorn said...

actually the cheeks were visible of the nikabwali girl, u see men, how bad they r!!!... so better hide ur cheek also!!!!

Aftab Iqbal said... tough as it is....ppl dun have time..the world now revolves on capitalism...u want the best and ppl want the best out of u.....that's the reason why we're so depressed these days....the constant pressure of performing......U know what i mean na!

you know who said...


eto petor petor koro keno ? well maybe i shouldnt say much cause I havent even read your whole blogging blooger.

aight. take care!