Thursday, February 16

Complains from blogger!

Wooh, I am finding my blog a drag. There should be some major changes as in the layout and in the writing.

I mean I started this blog with the thought of giving up after 2 months, which I did. But still I had some good topics and ideas in my mind to write about, but somehow I guess I lost myself in the dark days of autumn, I seriously should not blame the weather for my laziness, or should I? And I guess after my "adventurous" trip from Bangladesh I should be in a fresh state of mind, but after all the thoughts and the flashbacks... I find my genius brain typing: bla, bla and more bla...!

I can't even find myself sharing my joyous memories. Either my brain some how got smashed like banana purée (you know baby food) of all the rays I'd been exposing myself to? It must be my mobile phone! Seriously I've gotten myself stuck in a bad circle... Obviously I am not dwelling only over this blog, but about my creativeness...

Somehow I see myself as Adrian Mole, who couldn't find anything good to discuss about than the Norwegian Leather Industry even in his late 30s!!!

[Edit @ 17:36/]

So I've changed the layout to pink... I know I couldn't find anything better for now. So bare with me!!! And please don't go: "What's up with you girls and pink?"...
For those who do rise this question, I'd like to inform you that I do know some male that are fond of this particular colour and are completely hetro. So please respect my pink!

Ps. Green is my favourite colour!

[/End Edit]

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