Thursday, March 23

Who said TV was rubbish?

So sitting there with the remote in my hand, switching one channel after another I ended up watching a documentary series named, Insider.
The series main aim is to reveal the criminality that goes around the world, specially in Sweden. Most probably I'd continue my hunt for some comedy but today's topic was too good not to see.

The black face of the Swedish real estate agencies, and then I don't mean agencies in normal hill billy areas. These are suppose to be some of the elite agencies downtown Stockholm that deals with estates worth over million(s) kroners, which got painfully busted on camera for tax evasion, illegal apartment trades etc.

So where is the irony in this? Well tell me who doesn't enjoy seeing a suited snob with those luxurious cars, that earns about 100 000 kroners = 12 703,25 USD every month, getting caught!!! I know it's cruel, but I couldn't help myself from laughing (horns started to grow out), I guess I wouldn't seen this much of an amusement if they'd charged an average Joe.

What happened to equality? Oh, screw it!!!


Aftab Iqbal said...

Sorry yaar.....been a bit busy in that conference I mentioned in my blog . Aaj hee khatam hoeey hai...will read and comment on ure blog as soon as I can get my tiredness off!!

aragorn said...

hmmm... u got a really serious topic. but it makes me feel good too. but still the TV is rubbish..:P

Mohamed said...

Yeah, I totally agree. It's so sweet to see them rich boyz and girlz getting chained....!