Sunday, July 15

3:07 am

Why do we watch movies or read books? Is it an escape from reality, into fantasy?

Some would say that it's about relating one self in various environments and situations. Is this kind of media good? Yes, you have a better sense in language and you might learn things. But then again, isn't books and movies setting some kind of unwritten rules to how to live life, starting with something every simple, blowing up to a big complicated bubble and then in the end, though the earth just exploded and you are floating through dark space alone, there is some kind of happy ending?

I realized I should stop comparing real life with fiction, no matter how realistic it sounds. Fiction is man made crap, while life is a twist of destiny, faith and will power. Though generally both sucks in the end...

Readers be aware of that this post excludes any sort of fact books or learning documentaries, strict fantasy and fiction.


Anonymous said...

Northern princess S is not feeling well and also having problem with her baby(DEll Laptop with a broken L key). We just can't sit around and do nothing!!!. We got to do somthing so that the princess can describe her mind through her writing.

dipu_1&only said...

came back to blogging !
watching movies I think passing time not for escaping :-s

reading books may be for sometimes learning-sometimes for amusement-sometimes for passing time :-s

but the fact is when u watch movies or go through books u may have a ride to the world of fantasy :-s

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

On a sort of related note: Look up the word "vicarious", and also the lyrics on this post:

Weatherman said...

wow! havnt dropped in in a while. Like what you did with the place. About the post, well...dont take out your anger on the world on listerature. Yeah, they don't quite give you a life, and may be in a way, just a way to escape from reality and all that jazz. However, I wouldnt want to be in a world without them and neither would you. :p

Weatherman said...

hey! forgot to mention. Neat header too! Been meaning to make one for myself. Dont have the time or the skills. :( Make me one. Will ya?