Friday, November 9

Ode to my Old Xanga account: Sifar

What I hate the most, is whenever I come back to my Xanga I can't sit and read my former posts. Because of some certain person has erased it. I hate that 3 years of my life was so easy to erase, just by clicking delete. I hate that I was stupid enough to trust.

Sometimes I do wonder what I wrote or what I was thinking, maybe there were times in my life where the current I can't remember of. Even though it was texts, still it feels like a part of me just vanished. Does it sound corny when I say I miss my old Xanga account? Even after 3 years?


Paddle said...

it doesn't sound stupid. It would def. make me feel at loss. That is a horrible thing to do to someone!

Ehab said...

You should blog @ - better off ;)

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

this reminds me of my very first website. and that has a guest book... and every blue moon i go check and am often surprised at actual comments from people besides the hoard of spams.