Friday, November 23


Trip is less then a week ahead, I am really looking forward of it, though I have no clue of what to expect, though I expect to have fun... I can at least reassure myself of having a good time with Nanz. So much to do before that... :-s

Besides from that, my parents have decided to call me by “Bushra” again, an attempt of Ammu from when I was four. As she wasn’t much fond of the name Shakia (given by Abbu) so she gave me an unregistered “middle name”. The Bushra period lasted about a year or so, but leaving some marks, precisely leaving two family friends calling me that even now. Recently my mum spoke to one of them and the name Bushra is back on my parent’s lips. My dad is suggesting me to change my name to Bushra S. Khan, according to him “it might bring changes in me”. It’s like chopping off my heart and putting someone else’s in my body.
All these years I’ve been in frustration with my name, people give me the looks by reading/saying Shakia. Times when always a long silence came before uttering my name, which was often pronounced wrong. And having at least a 5 minutes discussion about it. For some reason my name has been a beginning for great conversations with strangers.
After Shakira got into MTV, people started to call me Shakira than Chiqita (don’t ask me, but yes there have been people calling me that).
But now I love my name more than anything, it’s who I am.


Weatherman said...

Hmm...looks like we have had some simillar experiences with our names. Yeah, although I'm born and brought up in my own land, my name started had its fair share of 'controversy'. It doesn't happen that much these days. I had almost forgotten about it. Then last week, this bearded fellow came for our voter listings...and he had the nerve to point out a few inapproprieties in my name. And all because my name is not an arabic one...

~ÅüďîŧĭØ~ said...

I've always thought that a person grows into a name :-s I don't know if I made any sense, but yea... the main problem that I feel with my name is that its too common... n also ppl think that I am hindu when they hear my name ... which is not really an issue since I'm not religious, yet I do scream, hell no! I am NOT hindu! I have trouble believing in one god!! Anyhow, after giving it a lot of thought, I concluded that nothing else would suit me :P So, I guess I'll be stuck with this name whether I like it or not :P