Monday, July 9

What a Mess!

My baby is broken, not only it's the L key, which I have to copy paste most of the time... but it's also the charger and the battery...
So is it time to buy a new one?!

I've realised I blog in my mind more then I blog in real. I always think of updating and writing something really creative.. but I hardly get through it. So many projects half done! And the summer is just getting shorter for everyday!
I am really starting to worry about my future like my mum... it's all cloudy.

Ps. I updated Mayaboti after ages!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On a Cosmic sense ur problem is probably nil.
STOP Worrying.
I am ∞% sure, on the end every thing will work out fine for u as it always does for good people.
PS: Feels like Eid as u started to write again.