Saturday, July 14

O.C. a cure for insomnia?!

It's nearly 4 am and I am still awake with a "I-woke-up-by-the-garbage-can-on-a-park-bench" hair due. Just managed to watch 6 episodes of O.C and 2 1/2 episodes of Grey's anatomy and I don't feel much more then totally wasted and hung over.

All day I have been feeling tinny whinny bit of asthmatic, alright I admit. My brain has been craving and still is craving for fresh oxygen and not the air going through a slimy gue stuck in my throat! I am out of medication and I can't call my doctor during the weekend unless I go to the emergency. And then again we are talking about me... don't think so!

Maybe the brains reacting to the lack of oxygen, which has put me to a serious case of "blue". I am a person who mostly like to talk out my problems, but during my blue period I tend to get overly depressed which leads to insomnia. Do I even make sense?!

I have had my periods of books, Bollywood even Grey's during insomnia, but first time in my life I turn to O.C thinking that I just might fall asleep! No I manage to watch 6 maybe 7 (I am not keeping count) of episodes. Though thinking how I annoyed I got through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd season, it's a miracle knowing that I managed to watch the 4th and the final season and even liking it! Is it because of the lack of oxygen? We might never get to know! But I just realized I am Taylor. A mentally twisted person with good intentions. Just thar she is a super controlfreak and I am a rather super uncontrolled freak?

Anyway forgive me for the text above... this is the closest thing to DRUNK I will ever get.


Aftab Iqbal said...

Hey yeah I've been hooked to Grey';s Anatomy myself...adn right now I can't sleep too.....insomnia sucks...and whats O.C????

Caralee said...

You write very well.