Tuesday, October 25

Will You Remember -The Cranberries

Will you remember the dress I wore?
Will you remember my face?
Will you remember the lipstick I wore?
This world is a wonderful place

Will you remember the black limousine?
Will you remember champagne?
Will you remember the things that we've seen?
I will return here again

Will you remember the flowers in my hand?
Will you remember my hair?
Will you remember the future we planned?
The world is not waiting out there

I won't remember the dress I wore
I won't remember champagne
I won't remember the things that we swore
I will just love you in vain

Will you remember?
Will you recall?


Nilanjona said...

Hey Shakia...I am commenting on your previous post about virtual honesty...yeah, if two people form a strong bond over the net, then both of them have the obligation to be honest to each other...the net is just another medium for communication...and two friends should communicate sincerely whether they're interacting in real life or through online...after all, there is a human being with feelings behind each screen-name...btw, I don't see you on AIM anymore!

llanin said...

Hey, nice blog u hav here.