Monday, October 31

Tick, tick...

So Ramadan is soon over and what have I realised this month that I am not a child anymore nor is dad young like he used to be.

First day of Ramadan, while me and my dad were sitting in the kitchen and eating sehri. It struck to me that my dad is really getting old.

Was it his sleepy eyes or was it his uncombed hair? I don't know, I was just astonished and scared at the same time of the thought. I barely could speak, just random scenes of the past, present and future were playing in my head.

I always seen my dad as the most handsome dad in the entire world, well he still is. But now the wrinkles and his semi grey moustache makes me wish that I could stop time forever, need to invent a youth potion. Any clue of how to start?

I wonder has he seen himself in the very same sight as I've? How does he feel? It was/is hard for me to accept, I wonder how it is for him. Well I guess in 30 years I'll be in his shoes...

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