Monday, October 24

Analyze of the previous post

1. Are you a friendly internet user, that doesn't do any nasty or illegal things over the net? (WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?!) But always somehow your PC seems to get into major SH*T...?? ( Yeh, guess I aint a pretty lady after all) Then look over here!!

2. The solutions to all your PC problems, yes all...
3. An external drive and a pirated bootable OS CD!

4. What?!!! Oh you are waiting for me to tell you how this works, eh?? Well that's on the next tutorial...

5. Now where do you think you're going?! Aaaaa... You thought this was for free?? Oh no...! You owe me $10!! And next time it wont be this cheap at all!! (yes I am being nice..)

6. Come again!


I don't know if you got the point about the previous post, probably thought that I was nutty, which I believed I sounded... but actually it's not that mad if you get the point of the post. Let me start explaining:

This is what you come a cross everyday when you go to proper sites to search help for your PC.

The Famous Guilt trip
First it starts with showing remorse for your situation. They so understand you, but suddenly in a polite way they always manage to make you sound like a total dumbass by repeating again and again your problems and it's your fault that you miss use the PC. Then they always have to do the stunt of "I know better than you... Dumbass!"

2. The Divine Solutions
This is what lures you to the site at the first place, by giving you the expression of that they can help you in everything! All your problems will be solved just click into the site...

3. The Solutions At last
Nothing you already didn't know from before, if not they just managed to confused you even more! The upside about the whole thing is that you get to learn new phrases and words.

4. The Reason You're Still At the Site
Well in the end of the page, there always something that says, "Oh wait there is more... just click on THIS!!"

5. The Thing That Makes You Run
Suddenly you come to a whole different site, showing the icons of Visa card, Master Card, etc etc... asks for your credit card number! Well they are nice, they are giving you a 5% of $50 discount at the first month! Well aren't they cute?!

6. The Old Asian Mans Grin

So when you leave the site there always those pop up windows stalking you... This mostly reminds you of the Chinese/Indian man from the Asian grocery store nearby you, the fake smile... But actually a several amount of censured words are playing in his head like a cassette recorder.


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

this one?! of course i read it! but after i had read and commented on the previous one... i was reading according from the older ones to the new... and i comment as i read... but anyway, can i be back on the smart ppl list! :p

[>nAfIs<] said...

well MSN messenger iz a real good thing they have :)