Tuesday, August 5

Am I IN or OUT?!

The more I socialize, the more I get confused of which crowd I actually belong to? Yes, yes I know I mention that I seek for my own island, but having my own island leaves me alone as well...

My upbringing has involved a lot "DO NOT's" from both family and society. Where I sucked in everything, to every tinny detail, like a sponge. But now growing up, steping into the adult crowd, these "DO NOT's" seems more like an obvious thing to do nowadays!

There is group A, the "jewels" of the society I breathe in, that makes me feel utterly backdated, the loser geek that has no life. In various occations I've tried hard enough to follow their track, the modern/chic/commercial life style. But ended up, being the inkspot on a white crisp shirt. Even before my mind realizes, my body stops myself from taking another step, as I know my limits are not as broad as theirs.

Then group B, the "saints" whom I really admire, but I feel a bit too fast for their tempo. My liberal thoughts might not be as appreciated. Which leads me to nowhere!

So where is my group C? I don't know, am I overlooking people?

1 comment:

Lipna said...

Nice Blog Shakia. Nice knowing you. You have some very good drawing as well. Pretty cool :)
Talented Gal, you don't need to worry about group A, B or C. Am sure you can mix with all keeping your own personality as it is :)