Saturday, August 16

The life of Shakia Khan

There is exactly one month left for my birthday so I've thought it be fun to dedicate these 31 days of writing to myself as a tribute for the 23 years I've lived.

Somehow it feels like my life will take a drastic turn the coming years. The carefree, c
hildish me who enjoys running around with kids and eating ice cream, will have to face adulthood. Sitting still at one corner, have a decent civilized conversation about the worries of a 23 year old girl should have. (Thinking about this makes me feel 5 year old again)

I'd stop time if I could, but as that is impossible I have to be satisfied with my writing. Probably in future I'll read these posts and remind myself of the young me.

So be ready, these 31 days are only about me!

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