Saturday, March 24

Why I love my friends!

Parts of conversations with Guju S about Cricket world cup. Had to censor a lot!

Session Start: den 19 mars 2007

(17:05) Shakia: we f**king beat india in cricket!!!
(17:06) Shakia: SOOOOOO GOOD
(17:06) Shakia: HAHAHAHAHHA

(21:38) Guju S: wow
(21:38) Guju S: watch your language!
(21:38) Shakia: :P
(21:38) Shakia: I mean it was freaking good
(21:38) Guju S: whatever
(21:38) Guju S: India should have won
(21:38) Shakia: should have won?
(21:38) Guju S: you know india is the better team

Session Start: den 21 mars 2007

(04:09) Guju Si: how'd it go?
(04:09)Guju S: oh India beat Burma!
(04:09) Shakia has signed-in (Away)
(04:09) Shakia: bermuda
(04:09) Shakia: not burma

Session Start: den 23 mars 2007
(05:21) Guju S: hey india's record is better than bangladesh's
(05:22) Shakia: still bangladesh beat india
(05:22) Shakia: lol
(05:22) Guju S: !
(05:22) Guju S still india is doing better
(05:22) Guju S: and BD is going to lose their next game
(05:22)Guju S: at least thats what people think
(05:22) Shakia: no they are not
(05:22) Shakia: tomorrow indias losing
(05:23) Guju S: lol india is going to destroy
(05:23) Guju S: go Rahul Dravid!

(05:39) Guju S: if india loses im not signing on for 6 months
(05:39) Guju S: i dont want to hear it from you
(05:39) Shakia: :P
(05:40) Shakia: :P
(05:40) Shakia: I am not saying anything
(05:40) Shakia: by the way see you in six months
(05:41) Guju S: haha
(05:41) Guju S: very clever
(05:41) Guju S: for Bangali
(05:41) Guju S: HAHA
(05:41) Shakia: please gujrati

(21:40) Shakia: bye bye
(21:40) Shakia: 6 months
(21:40) Shakia: no see
(21:41) Shakia: EAT MY TUSH!
(21:41) Shakia: :D
(21:41) Guju S: YOU ARE GROSS
(21:41) Shakia: HAHAHA
(21:41) Guju S: :'(
(21:41) Shakia: loser ki bachha

(21:48) Guju S: i want to slap you shakia
(21:48) Shakia: lol
(21:48) Shakia: lol
(21:49) Guju S: if i ever meet you, im going to slap you before
(21:49)Guju S: before i do anything else
(21:49) Shakia: HAHAHA
(21:49) Shakia: :D

(21:54) Guju S: what happens if BD loses?
(21:54) Shakia: ok
(21:54) Shakia: waiting
(21:54) Guju S: huh?
(21:54) Shakia: then india gets to the super 8s
(21:54) Guju S: so BD has to lose
(21:54) Shakia: yes
(21:54) Guju S: hmm so its not all over
(21:55) Shakia: do you think bd will lose over bermuda?
(21:55) Guju S: if they lose all their cricket bats
(21:55) Guju S: im gonna have to find a way to steal the BD teams bats
(21:55) Guju S: so they cant play
(21:55) Shakia: cricket bats?
(21:55) Shakia: LOL
(21:55) Shakia: good luck
(21:55) Shakia: :P
(21:56) Guju S: i am going to hit you
(21:56) Guju S: screw slapping
(21:56) Guju S: im going to punch you when i meet you
(21:56) Shakia: :D
(21:56) Shakia: :P
(21:56) Shakia: LOL
(21:56) Guju S: :@

Later on Guju S's msn banner: Don't associate with Shakia Khan, she is evil


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

is this a first i wonder? India Pakistan both out so soon?!

isak said...

didn't know you liked cricket ;)
// Isak ^^