Tuesday, March 13

Up, up, up!

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After a week of flue and snowstorm, things seems to lighten up: Mood, health and weather wise.
So as you guys have noticed I've done some changes on the layout and more changes are to come. But I guess this is a good base to start writing on.

If I summarise the winter, then basically I've been bumming. I've hit the bottom and now I'm much more keener on climbing my way up and out of the awful glass bottle.
I've been thinking back and forth about what to write in my blog, cause it's a shame of wasting such a nice blog (Yes! I am bragging now!) specially when I've wasted so much time in this before.
So I guess from now on I'm going to write more about me, even though it makes me seem/feel self-centred. But the only thing I know to write about is myself...

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Anonymous said...

for it is ourselves we know the best..