Wednesday, March 14

Healthy life costs!

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Weight: X kg
Over flowing fat: 5 kg
X kg-5 kg= A Perfect body!

So the other day I left home with the mental preparation of joining the gym, as I was set on changing my lazy lifestyle to a much more healthier one. Not that I consider myself fat or obese, it's just over the years I haven't had any sort of physical activity, plus I realised that I actually never have been thin, always been a bit of bulky here and there, which is nothing to complain over. But now I want to try the thin side of the world, plus a Homer gut's starting to show.

So as I walk into one of the local chain gyms in Sweden, no point in joining those fancy gyms down town as I am the laziest person ever existed, I could smell the sweaty armpits and the sweaty socks from miles (Ok, ok, I am overacting now), the typical gym smell. Which instantly put me to a very uncomfortable mood, reminding me of my handball periods, where I practically forced myself to go to every training and game, even fasting or being just sick.
Anyway walking up to the counter expecting a very muscular, wannabe Mr. Universe clerk, instead a grey haired man with big Santa gut comes.

So asking him how much it will cost monthly, he enlightens me that they have no monthly policy, one have to buy full one years membership! HA! As if I am going to go everyday for a year. And the price! Ridiculous! Disappointingly I just told him I'll think about it and got out.

I ended up in Stadium, buying myself a pair of track pants and a sweat shirt. And looking around I find a pilates DVD. Yes, now I'll put on my pilates DVD and become master of pilates! Yay! (As if that's going to work!!)
So at the counter of the shop I notice that they are having a lottery for one years membership at the gym I went to! Why not lets try out my luck!!

Guess what?! A guy calls me up yesterday and asks me to come by the gym tomorrow! But I don't understand, he didn't name anything about winning one years membership, just said try out. I am confused...

Edit @ 15th March 00:35 am

Some encouraging words from GujuS in Msn after showing the pilates DVD:

Guju S says:
as if you're going to do that
Guju S says:
you'll put it in and watch it while eating ice cream
Guju S says:
knowing you

*Hmmpf...* Thank YOU!


Sag said...

You are mean and we all know that you're not going to exercise. Also, you wish your feet were better looking.

Shakia said...

OH PLEASE! my feet looks much better then your stinky ones... you know it!

Shaon said...

me also over weighted by 5 kg! :( four~five months ago, I started going to a gym with one of my close friendz and started losing some of my extra weights... but somehow recently we stopped going there and now I have found myself with the same old weight, over weighted by 5 kg :((