Tuesday, December 15

Destination - Apu's Biye

Post dedicated to Sweden.

1:30 mins left till we start our journey to the airport.

We managed to have 2 very small fights already, first one Ammu vs. Adiba and second one (of course) Ammu vs. me, I think all of us are pretty stressed infor the wedding. Anyway I believe that when you start something with fights/hassels and the feeling of hopelessness (does that word even exist?) , that's when things end very well. So this trip will be awesome! (though at the moment I don't feel like leaving my comfort zone; my room and the white snow)

So farewell my beautiful white Sweden, hope you remain white and cold untill I'm back.


Rifat Mursalin said...

Where are you going? Where will the wedding take place?

P.S: Everytime we take a trip/journey as a family, it ALWAYS starts with an argument/ fight between my dad and one of my brothers or me.

weatherman said...

U wanted it to remain COLD??? :@

Ankit said...

hi, I just read your post and liked it!! I want to make you my pen friend. I am Ankit, an Engg. student from varanasi, India.

公車 said...
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