Monday, September 14

Is there hope?

Every year I make an attempt to do a comeback, and every year I fail miserably. I'm ashamed of how many times I've complained about my writer's block, which has been on and off since 2005. So I ask myself now, is it even worth keeping this blog knowing that I'll never write?

Well I'm not planning on shutting it down either, but I need to take on serious measures to keep this blog up to date. And the only solution I see; is to write nonsense! (not that I ever wrote 'sense')

So bare with me and my nonsense, I might write the most stupid-'est' blog ever but that's just to overcome my writer's block.


Rifat Mursalin said...


I really think you should keep on writing on your blog. It will really help you reflect on your life. Try to do something like a journal. I mean, see blogs are like pictures in a way.

We cannot help growing old. But, the best we can do is leaving some memory of that certain age. So, if you write journal/blog on a regular basis, say 10 years later, you can read your blog and think about your past life. It's just a great feeling.

I bet you won't remember much about your life ten years later. You should really keep writing. Just manage to find the time. I face that same problem, too.

Thank you.

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

Nonsense is goood! keep it coming!