Thursday, September 7

Night of Laylatul Baraat..

Today falls the night of Laylatul Baraat or as we call Shab E Baraat. Some years ago I got to know that our Arab brothers and sisters don't recognize the night in the same way as we, the "desi" people do. According to some of the scholars, there is nothing mentioned about Shab E Barat in the Q'uraan. So as a youngster and thinking that I know "everything" and "everyone", I fought against my mum saying I wont pray for Shab E Barat. Well, that turned into a unfortunate war, now thinking back; was it my loss or my mothers loss?

Anyway I am still unsure about this night, but I guess I will pray... No harm in praying right? Plus I don't want my mother running around the house and yelling; "Nastiq! Nastiq!"


I heard my mother talking on the phone with an auntie and saying that Shab E Baraat prayers aren't fard. apparently she heard that in the news... So I wonder myself if she prayed?! Don't dare to ask..


Shaon said...

Yap... u r right... no harm in praying... rather its very much encouragable!

As far as I know, 'Shab e Barat' is just like other normal nights and it's not special! It's good that you r praying for God... but It wud be not good if you expect a lot from God for your shab barat prayer!

what I wanna tell is : 'shab e barat' prayer is just like all other prayers you do for God!

take care... ciao!

Aftab Iqbal said...

Well...Farz tu lailatul qadr kee prayers bhi nahi hain? U get it?? I mean itz for u...sorta like Grace marks I guess....and since we all know we're failing, better to try to get these grace marks.....Whatz Nastiq??

Weatherman said...

The bride face in the last post. Really nice. :)

aragorn said...

there is different theories about this night. but no harm praying. :D

Moontashir said...

nastiq means dad says its a nite when a lot of our fate is we do our best to make sure something good gets written to out fate...what do I know? i guess at the end of it all its the thought of getting the "grace marks" is all that counts.

What i really dont understand and what pisses me off the most are the could be really deep into your prayers when one of those confounded contraptions go off and scare the living h**l outta u!