Wednesday, November 19

In need of a tiny person!

I recall the times I used to generally write with an enthusiasm, pretty much write about everything and anything. I felt that I had to share my views and thoughts, even day to day happenings with everyone without hesitating. It almost felt like dancing Swanlake but in this case my fingers were the legs and the keyboard was the stage.

Even writing this bit, I'm feeling anxious and uncomfortable. Is this what you call a writers block?

There are times when my head is filled with thoughts and discussions. Believe it or not, some of them are quite smart ones, perfect for my blog, so I always end up thinking; "Aah, I should blog about this when I get home or when I sit infront of the pc!" But as soon as I sit to write, my brain freezes! I wish there was a tinny person living in my head and would blog my thoughts for me instantly so I wouldn't have to sit here and type.

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Anonymous said...

How to Overcome-->
Unprofessional advice:
Think of Writing as a Regular Job, and Less as an Art.

My advice(Professional):
Tools: Hammer, Nails, Lime(or lemon), Rope and Lots of roaches
Procedure: Leaving it to ur imagination--------------!