Wednesday, May 16

**Days before Exam

  • You remember to clean your room
  • You remember to rearrange your entire wardrobe
  • You get more creative ideas that you just have to do it as if it was the last day in earth
  • You remember you have to call your friend after 5 months
  • You remember that there is a book lying and waiting for you to read
  • You remember to drink zillion glasses of water/cups of coffee, tea or even both.
  • You remember to help your mum with something she asked a month ago
  • Suddenly all the interesting series seems to broadcast in TV, even though you never follow them.
  • You go to the bathroom every ten minutes, even if it was just to look yourself at the mirror.
  • Your hands/feet/lips gets completely dry, need lotion/Vaseline!!
  • Shower twice a day sounds great, maybe even more.
  • You sort your e-mail box
  • *Yawn* And it's only 9pm
  • You crave for food every half an hour, but then you never eat.
  • You fantasize about your dream holiday/house/wedding/carrier/man
  • You socialize more with family.
  • You remember to update your blog!!!!

**This implies only certain type of people


Kenny G said...

hahaha soo true girl :D i have felt many of those :)

take care best of luck!

Shakia said...

Thanks Kenny!!
You are alive!! So what have you been upto?

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

excellent list!

Isak said...

true true!!!!