Thursday, August 17

Monsoon in Sweden

feet in the rain
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One thing I miss in Sweden is the monsoon rain, when it rains here it's mostly grey and rains very slowly. Nothing like the monsoon rain that pours down in speed.

Today I managed to feel the monsoon here, I was only out for a minute and got soaked top to toe. People at the store was just looking at me and probably thinking: "The poor thing..."

But the most funny thing was that the water got high besides the sidewalk, so noway of passing without getting your shoes all wet. Me and this lady needed to cross the road, so she said; "Lets go over bare feet, no need of ruining the shoes..."
So both of us went around bare feet in the rain.

I couldn't visit the monsoon in Bangladesh, so I guess the monsoon came to me.


aragorn said...

hey, cheers. :D

naser said...

hmm.. were we used to comment on each others posts before or what?

And monsoon in Sweden ! ! Is that something you see everyday?

Weatherman said...

Had a terrible day; had a good rain to make up for it. :D So we dont have snow herr; who's complainin! :D:D

Shakia said...

eeeeeeee.. wht happen to my blog... I all of a sudden I have tanms blogskin!! aaa!!

Amit, I think you'd complain if you had snow!!!

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